Celebrate with Allawyers – the law office has a new home

Opened in 2010 by lawyers Tiago Felizardo and Rita Branco, Allawyers is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. At the end of 2019, the founders took advantage of the occasion and expansion of the brand to change the image and location of their office, although they remain in the same area in the centre of Almancil.

The new office is a two-storey building with an open-space office area, meeting rooms, break room, ample private parking and outdoor garden. It is a modern space that will provide an adequate capacity for growth, designed for the people who work there, as well as clients and their needs.

During this year, they also intend to expand Allawyers as a project of independent lawyers for different parts of the country, with several offices with which they already work with. The new identity and facilities aim to project a cycle of change and ensure the office meets the needs of national and international clients, where change and innovation are reflected in the quality of the legal service provided, the balance between professional and personal life, the importance of good management and organisation and the creation of a structure that persist even after its founders.

Areas of Expertise:
– Property Conveyancing
– Rental Contracts and Local Lodging
– Urban Planning and Construction
– Non-habitual Tax Residency
– Tax Law
– Golden Visa
– Corporate & Commercial Law
– Labour Law
– Civil Law and Litigation
– Certifications, signature recognitions and translations

(+351) 289 399 720
[email protected][email protected] | www.allawyers.eu

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