Celebrate Cape Verdean culture in Lagoa

THIS MONTH, Lagoa is hosting a cultural festival entitled Momentos de Cabo Verde, (Cape Verde moments), to celebrate the twinning of Lagoa and São Domingos, first established in 1997, and the former colony’s rich culture.

Shows, exhibitions and various cultural activities including music, art, cinema, gastronomy, crafts, photography and even philately are being held at the Convento de São José, municipal auditorium and archive, among other venues until July 27.  


There are three photography exhibitions being staged simultaneously at Lagoa’s Convento de São José entitled: Santiago Também é Assim (Santiago is also like this) by Omar Camilo Hernandez, Cabo-Verdeans em Lisboa (Cape Verdians in Lisbon) by Roa Reis, Lisbon, and Vagueando por Santiago (Wandering around Santiago) by Nuno Loureiro of the Algarve University. Two painting exhibitions are also being offered at the venue entitled Misá and Rebelados do Espinho Branco (all exhibitions continue until July 27).

Another interesting exhibition to feature in the festival is Cartografia e Navegações a Cabo Verde (cartography and voyages to Cape Verde), which is open to the public at the Arquivo Municipal de Lagoa on weekdays from 9am to 5.30pm until July 27.


If you fancy sampling the music of Cabo Verde, several concerts are being held this month featuring well known artists from the island: Batucadeiras Bem Ku Deus on July 21 at Parque Municipal do Sítio das Fontes at 9pm; Maria Alice on July 22 at 9pm at the same venue and Rabentas de Ano Nobo with special guests on July 25 and July 26 at 9pm, also at Parque Municipal do Sítio das Fontes, Lagoa. Finally, Tcehka performs on July 27 at Lagoa Municipal Auditorium at 10pm.


Gastronomy, crafts, books, records and DVDs will feature in a fair being held from July 20 to 22 and from July 25 to 26 at Parque Municipal do Sítio das Fontes, from 7pm onwards.  

For further details on the festival’s programme and tickets, visit www.cm-lagoa.pt or call 282 380 458.