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Caveat Emptor

Dear Editor,

I have just received advertising via email relating to micro-production of electricity with photo-voltaic panels. This was at a price which seemed irresistible, so, being of a naturally suspicious nature, I double checked the availability of this on the official websites.

I have found that the quota of available power for the grid (12Mw) for 2012 is already oversubscribed and the excess will be passed onto 2013.

Meaning that anyone who wishes to use this government backed facility, which, I must admit, seems to be quite a good deal ( if the guarantee  amounts and periods are not altered or curtailed by the government) and a good long term , green, investment.

So beware the sales pitch, as you would not be able to register as a producer, and therefore be paid by the EDP,  until mid or late 2013.This may not be advised by the sales team. Caveat Emptor.

Alistair MacGregor

By Email