Cautious return to offices as businesses say “it’s still too early to tell”

Observador reports there is a very cautious return to offices throughout the country as the summer draws to a close.

Businesses that have been running with employees ‘working remotely’ from home are still loathe to call staff back, ‘in case it’s too soon’.

Said one CEO: “There are so many variables to consider: the pandemic’s development, the new measures to be taken by the government and health authorities, how the reopening of schools goes, etc. For better or worse, we’ve been remote working for almost six months now and it’s going okay. The worst thing that could happen is that there are ‘false starts’”.

Thus for the time being it looks like the majority of ‘office workers’ will be staying right where they are (which is at home, often in their pyjamas and performing more efficiently than when they faced a daily commute and statutory hours in the collective work space).

Decisions are more likely to come towards the end of September, suggested a source for pharmaceutical giant Bayer, while companies like EDP are adopting ‘staggered returns’, with 48% of the company ‘in the office’ while the rest work from home/ in the field.

Says Observador, some companies look like they may well use ‘remote working’ – even if only for a rotating percentage of staff – ‘forever’.

As habits change, so will the dynamics of the cities. But this too will become clearer over time.

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