Catering students in Portimão receive well-deserved praise

A party of 40 enthusiastic CASA members headed to the uncharted western extremity of Portimão on Wednesday, May 15 to visit the Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo de Portimão for lunch.

The group had visited the Faro equivalent a number of times, but this was their first experience of the Portimão college. The budding chefs and keen serving staff did not disappoint; presenting members with “a very enjoyable and delicious lunch” at this new venue for CASA.

“We experienced a friendly welcome, savoured flavours new to us, sipped on the specially selected wines and immersed ourselves in conversation that flowed – this latter being one of the essential ingredients at our events,” said a CASA spokesperson.

“Later during the meal, we discovered that this was the first time these first-year students had served to members of the public rather than to other students. We look forward to returning; it would be interesting to encounter the same students again after another year of their training.”

The next CASA event will be its annual BBQ at The Holiday Inn in Armação de Pêra, but this “is already fully booked”. In July, members will take a short cruise up the river from Portimão to Silves where they will have lunch before returning.

Full details of this and all our planned events, all of which are open to non-members, can be obtained from the club website – – or from Margaret Brito on 282 495 475 or by email to [email protected]