Catdog born in Georgia

A woman in Georgia, US, claims that her cat has given birth to a dog and zoologists have not been able to prove or refute her story.

The woman thinks the puppy is the offspring of the cat because it has the cat’s ears and tail.

The cat is a brown colour and the dog is black and white but the cat is taking care of the dog. Many are sceptics and do not think this birth is possible.

Zoologists have suggested that radiation could be a possible cause.

This is not the first story of this kind.

In China, one cat owner said that their cat had given birth to four kittens, one of which looked like a white puppy poodle.

In 2006, one cat owner in Brazil said her cat had given birth to three puppies as well as three kittens, but they were later found out to be not genetically related to the cat.

Source: nowpublic.com