Catastrophe rations delivered to Portimão firefighters

Catastrophe rations delivered to Portimão firefighters

300 catastrophe rations have been delivered to Portimão fire station, courtesy of the local council.

They are designed to “secure the first 48-hours” in a ‘serious’ or ‘catastrophic’ incident.

Explained fire corporation commander Richard Marques, this is a “pioneering initiative”.

Every firefighter will receive two bags, each one designed to carry them through 24-hours.

The rations are “identical to those used by the Armed Forces”, Marques explained, “specially devised to correspond to nutritional necessities during exceptional situation operations”.

The plan arose from the reality that ‘major incidents’ can come in a flash, but the setting up of support infrastructures, like ‘base refreshments camps’, takes time.

This way – for 48-hours at least – firefighting command will be more autonomous.

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