Cat survives 200-mile ride under bonnet of car

A cat has survived a four-hour, 200-mile ride under the bonnet of a car.

The cat survived the trek from Xenia, southwest Ohio, to Cleveland with only burns on his right side.

The driver, who was not the cat’s owner, had left the car on his drive before beginning his journey. He stopped at a rest area south of his destination when he smelled something, according to local reports.

A state trooper then found the man with the bonnet of his vehicle up and the large black and white cat in the engine compartment.

It was taken to an animal hospital in nearby Lodi. Dr Linda Randall examined the cat and said he was going to be fine. She dubbed him “Eclipse” because that was the model of the car.

In 2009, a cat survived after stowing away in a container on a merchant ship from Egypt, and travelling 3,000 miles to the British port of Felixstowe.

Pharaoh the cat was found in a container after two weeks on board the s which travelled from the Port Said in Egypt to the Suffolk port.