Two Algarve municipalities at maximum risk of fires
Two Algarve municipalities at maximum risk of fires

Castro Marim wildfire “brought under control again” after 40 hours of “hell”

The Castro Marim wildfire that has been raging for 40 hours has been brought under control for a second time, authorities have announced.

The blaze had already been considered “under control” yesterday afternoon, but an unexpected turn of events saw the flames reignite and spread “aggressively” beyond the control of firefighting forces.

Hopes are that the flames, which spread to the neighbouring boroughs of Vila Real de Santo António and Tavira, will this time remain under control until they are completely extinguished.

Speaking to Lusa news agency, a source from Faro’s rescue operations command (CDOS) said that the risk of the fire posing a threat again is “low”.
Around 530 firefighters continue battling the flames, aided by 190 vehicles and five planes and helicopters. Around 9,000 hectares of land have already been destroyed.

The fire has forced the evacuation of 81 people from their homes and nearly 200 animals (80 dogs and 110 cats) from the Castro Marim and VRSA inter-municipal kennel.

One firefighter was injured but has since returned home. No injuries have been reported among citizens.

There are reports of several houses having been destroyed or damaged by the flames, although a GNR spokesperson said today during a press conference to address the fire that he only had information about a workshop that was destroyed (click here).

A more comprehensive review of the damage caused was promised to take place after the fire is put out.

Meanwhile, Tavira’s municipal firefighters have taken to Facebook to thank those who have donated water and food to the brave men and women battling the flames.

They added that no further donations are needed as those that have already been made are “sufficient for the work that lies ahead in the coming hours.”

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