Castro Marim uses firework money to help fire-ravaged Madeira

Money that was meant to be spent on two firework displays is instead going to be donated to the fire-ravaged archipelago of Madeira, Castro Marim council revealed today in a statement.

The undisclosed amount of money will go to “rebuild and recover infrastructures and economic and social activities affected by the fires that have been raging since Monday on the island”.

“Due to the dramatic situation in Madeira, we have to responsibility to help those people in any way we can,” mayor Francisco Amaral said.

“Fires are starting all over the country, and unfortunately have marked our summers in the worst possible way. It would be important if forest protection was taken seriously and made a priority,” he added.

He also said that “the people who are responsible for these calamities should not go unpunished”.

On a closing note, the council thanked fireworks company Algarpirotecnia for its “understanding” even though its services had already been hired for two local events – Festas em Honra de Nossa Senhora dos Mártires and Dias Medievais.