Castro Marim unveils strategy for water conservation

Castro Marim Council has announced a series of investments to reduce water waste in the borough.

The local authority is installing telemetry equipment to control how much water is used at municipal green areas, it announced in a statement to the press.

In other words, a total of 125 irrigation controllers and five antennas/outdoor stations for communication are being installed at approximately 70 green spaces in Altura and Castro Marim.

The council says around €250,000 is being spent in hopes that water resources are managed much more efficiently and effectively, identifying real water losses and even cases of water meter tampering.

The council is also creating ‘Zonas de Medição e Controlo’ (Measurement and Control Areas) in the municipal water supply systems for human consumption to “protect and improve the management of water resources in the borough”.

“We are working to make the borough more sustainable, resilient and able to adapt to the consequences of climate change which we have been witnessing, especially in the Algarve, with the increase of average annual temperatures, longer periods of drought and rising sea level,” said deputy mayor Filomena Sintra.

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