Castro Marim promotes “excellence” of its natural heritage

Castro Marim has joined the government-run website ‘’ in an effort to promote the “excellence” of its natural heritage.

In an official statement, Castro Marim council explains that joining the website will be a way to “value its protected areas, namely the Reserva Natural do Sapal de Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António, which boats 2140 hectares in the municipality and a huge potential for salt production, aquaculture and birdwatching”.

Created by the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests (ICNF) last year, the website aims to be “a brand of excellence, quality and trust”, responsible for supporting “sustainability and development”.

The idea is that municipalities that join them have their natural heritage on show for all to see. Soon also companies that organise activities in protected areas will be able to join-up.