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Castro Marim promises immediate support to wildfire victims

Castro Marim mayor Francisco Amaral has promised immediate support for the victims of the wildfire which raged for 40 hours in the borough as well as Tavira and Vila Real de Santo António, saying that they cannot wait around for government support.

“We have at least one family who lost everything in this fire. We cannot leave them helplessly waiting for support which will never take less than a year (to arrive),” said Amaral in a statement to the press in which he announced the creation of a support office for fire victims.

The council’s support measures will involve providing “urgent economic support” to farmers, helping replant destroyed crops, purchasing animal feed and opening an account to help those most affected by the blaze.

“These measures represent a considerable investment, but our administration believes it is fundamental to these people and our land,” says the local council.
Meanwhile, the regional agriculture director is due to visit Castro Marim on Thursday to meet with the affected families and farmers at the Azinhal multiuse centre at 3pm.

The local council also says it will have a “mobile office” there to help people fill in their forms to request support.

DRAP, the regional agriculture board, has also confirmed that fire victims can already report their damages online ( or at any of its facilities in the Algarve.

Read more about this story in this week’s paper edition of the Algarve Resident, out tomorrow (August 19).

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