Castro Marim pledges €1 million to Alzheimer’s care home project

The long-awaited construction of a care home for Alzheimer’s patients and people with dementia in Castro Marim is now a step closer to moving forward.

Castro Marim Council has signed this week a contract with the local Santa Casa da Misericórdia institution in which it agrees to fund the project by €1 million. Construction is “due to begin soon” and should last 18 months, says the council, meaning the facility could be up and running by 2023.

The home will be built on Rua D. Maria Emília do Carmo Batista, in the heart of Castro Marim, and will involve the demolition of an old factory building.

“This is a priority project for the municipality,” said Castro Marim Mayor Francisco Amaral in a communiqué to the press, adding that the facility, due to its size, will be able to serve the entire southern region of Portugal.

He also said that it is “an infrastructure of the future, as life expectancy is increasing and 50% of people aged over 90 suffer from dementia”.

The care home will also make a “strong contribution to the local economy” as dozens of direct and indirect jobs will be created.

The home will feature in-patient care for up to 70 people, as well as day-care services for another 20 patients.

It will be divided into three units: an inpatient residential and day-care unit; a personal autonomy and family intervention unit and a training and cooperation unit.

Deputy Mayor Filomena Sintra says the council’s contribution to the project represents the largest amount of money ever granted by local government to a private social solidarity institute (IPSS).

“This is all possible thanks to our taxpayers, namely through IMI (property rates),” she said.

The project is also in line with the council’s urban regeneration strategy, as it will involve demolishing an old, dilapidated factory and erecting a new building.

All in all, the Alzheimer’s care home is planned to cost nearly €5 million – with the council covering €1 million and the FEDER project covering another €1.1 million.

The remainder will come from Santa Casa da Misericórdia through its own capital as well as a bank loan.

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