Castro Marim opens new business centre

A new business centre opened in the Algarve’s eastern town of Castro Marim on Friday (June 24).

The two-storey ‘Edifício Multifuncional de Empresas’ (EME) aims to “encourage the creation of new businesses” as well as “help those that already exist in the municipality”.

It was designed by architect José Alegria and cost €600,000 – 75% of which was covered by community funding.

EME has enough space for nine companies to call home.

All kinds of businesses can apply for an office, though priority will be to help those who work “in the primary sector of the economy, such as agriculture and the production of salt,” said deputy mayoress Filomena Sintra.

Meantime, a cooperation agreement to help bolster the business centre has been signed by Castro Marim council and business association NERA, CRIA (the entrepreneurial division of the University of the Algarve), and Odiana (an association dedicated to helping the “economic, social and cultural development” of the lower Guadiana region.)

For more information on EME, contact 281510740.