Castro Marim encourages locals to put up Christmas lights

In a bid to spread some Christmas cheer at the end of what has been a mostly bleak year, Castro Marim Council is encouraging local citizens to ‘light up’ the windows of their homes.

The hope is that the twinkling lights will lift spirits, especially for those who won’t be fortunate enough to spend Christmas with their loved ones.

“This Christmas, without the traditional bustle of events and parties, we have the opportunity to express our affection and care in other ways,” said the council in a statement.

“The great challenge of this festive season will be to make ourselves feel present and try to warm the hearts of those who are more isolated and without the comfort of a joyful and illuminated home.”

The council has already done its part, putting up Christmas lights throughout the borough and erecting a giant Christmas tree at Praça 1º de Maio.

Meanwhile, the council has also launched a website where anyone can order local products – from Castro Marim’s famous salt to jams, handicraft, spices, canned goods and drinks – and have them delivered to their home.