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Castro Marim blasts ARS Algarve for “sacking” local health delegate

Castro Marim Council has lambasted the ARS Algarve’s decision to sack the borough’s health delegate, accusing the regional health authority of “personal persecution”.

“Without listening to the local council of Castro Marim in the midst of a pandemic in a high-risk borough, this is a decision that can only be justified by politics and personal persecution,” says the council, adding that the decision-makers should be “ashamed” of themselves.

The local authority says the health delegate has proven himself to be “very competent, concerned, active and available, namely during the fight against Covid-19.
“Apparently, not being a ‘yes man’, being competent and having a good relationship with a non-socialist council is reason enough to be sacked from a position,” the council adds.

“This is a decision that is at the very least unfortunate and untimely. ARS Algarve should be seriously concerned about controlling this pandemic instead of only valuing personal and political persecution,” the council says.

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