Casting for new Algarve film

Film producer BJ Boulter and Kristjan Knigge, director of the comedy film The Right Juice to be filmed in the Algarve in September, will be on the lookout for cast and crew members at this year’s International Algarve Fair at Fatacil in Lagoa on June 4 and 5.

Anyone of any nationality interested in the project can go along to the fair and talk to members of the team at their stand at Fatacil.

Extras for crowd scenes and actors for parts are welcome to be photographed, interviewed on video and have their details taken for later contact.

Crew members and volunteers for any number of jobs are also needed.

Those with professional experience of any kind and wishing to get involved in the making of The Right Juice should take their CV along with them.

Jenny Grainer, who is helping with publicity for the film, told the Algarve Resident: “We also need investors who are seriously interested in getting this venture to completion and want a return on their investment. This will be a good opportunity to meet the filmmakers and we will also be fund raising at the fair for the smaller investor with a raffle. All sorts of prizes will be given to winners to demonstrate that they too helped in the making of this entirely ‘made in the Algarve’ product.”

For more information about the film, please visit www.therightjuice.net