Case archived against pediatrician who said Covid jabs for children were “unnecessary”
Complaint by 16 doctors against Jorge Amil Dias opinions has been archived

Case archived against pediatrician who said Covid jabs for children were “unnecessary”

16 doctors who presented official complaint against one of their own snubbed

The 16 doctors who presented an official complaint to the General Medical Council against one of their own – for his stand over protecting children from possible harm – have seen their efforts snubbed.

The disciplinary council of the General Medical Council has ruled that the concerns raised by Jorge Amil Dias – president of the College of Pediatrics – over the vaccination of healthy children with against Covid-19 were both “pertinent and acceptable”.

Contrary to the complaining doctors’ claims, Dr Amil did not violate any rules or the professional code of doctors.

For Dr Amil’s supporters, this will be seen as a major victory, and confirmation that different opinions can be tolerated.

The doctors’ complaints had alleged Dr Amil’s words were “populist” and “inflammatory”. 

They even tried to suggest the pediatric specialist had “generated a wave of distrust in the country”.

According to one report, the 16 were ‘led’ by pneumologist Filipe Froes who has been identified by various sources as having strong links with Pfizer.

With the complaint now archived, Dr Amil remains at his post, free to voice “differences of opinion”, which the disciplinary council sees as something that is completely acceptable.

Says SIC today: the council considered that “the methodological and clinical questions raised by the doctor (…) were pertinent, understanding that they should not be considered offensive to colleagues, to the General Medical Council, to its President, or to the Crisis Office for COVID-19, but only reflect a divergence of opinions, and are, in the context in which they were uttered, acceptable”.

This week, Dr Amil was interviewed by investigative website Página Um, in which the ‘virus of the moment’ RSV was discussed.

“Amil Dias notes the coincidence in the increased visibility of RSV with the development of vaccines (against it) by the pharmaceutical industry”, remarks Página Um.

The pediatric specialist described the virus as “banal, very banal” and as such largely very little to worry about.

The doctor told the online that “ideally , no one should ever get sick, and we would all like none of us or our children to get sick, but that is simply impossible. If we eradicated all the microbes that cause infection, we would probably disappear too. Our relationship over millions of years with our environment, and with the microbes, has established balances of immune system, coexistence and organisation that have allowed us to evolve. When we unbalance this relationship, what we saw this year happens: with the confinements of the last two years, diseases have suddenly appeared that, in some children, have been excessively serious. This was the case of hepatitis…”

The full extract of Página Um’s interview with Dr Amil can be found here.

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