Case against former secret service agent accused of selling NATO secrets to Russians “at risk”

The controversial jailing of a Portuguese secret service agent accused of selling NATO secrets to the Russians earlier this year sent shockwaves through international media – despite the fact that the man’s lawyer insisted the case was a “nonsense” . Since then, the life of so-called ‘spy’ Frederico Carvalho Gil has been a misery. Now confined to house arrest, national media reports the prosecution could be at risk through lack of proof.

This was exactly what lawyer José Preto told the Resident in the early days after Gil was apparently caught red-handed in Rome (click here).

Preto stressed all that Gil was guilty of was the brokering a deal for olive oil – something agents from many countries have been quietly doing for years with Russia, he told us, as a way of getting round economic sanctions.

Preto’s defence however has been mired in points of law.

Now, Diário de Notícias reports that Italian authorities have failed to send Lisbon the so-called proof that prosecutors here need in order to move forwards.

People following this case will recall that Italian judges have already released the Russian agent involved in this farce, due to lack of proof (click here).

It’s a situation that is apparently causing “discomfort” in “some NATO countries”, claims DN, stressing the longest this case can be ‘dragged out’ before an accusation is March 23, 2017.

Meantime, Gil remains unable to leave his home in Lisbon, on an electronic tag and suspected of espionage, violation of State secrets, corruption and money-laundering.

His campaigning lawyer insists Gil is “a good man who is being victimised for the mere necessity of propaganda”.

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