Cascais gang caught

The Resident recently reported that a gang of young men had been causing havoc in the Cascais area. The armed youths were known to have threatened a woman, stolen two cars, broken into a jewellery shop stealing 50,000 euros worth of goods, and robbed a bar – yet had managed to escape local authorities. Since then, several other robberies and assaults have taken place in the Greater Lisbon area, which were believed to have been committed by the gang.

Resident reader, Paul Joseph, had a terrifying experience recently, when he ran into what he believes to be the same gang. Paul, his wife and friends were leaving an Indian restaurant in Galiza in São João, when two cars pulled up outside. “Six people with at least one shot gun, possibly two, got out and went past my wife,” Paul remembers.

Gang members told Paul and his friends to go back into the restaurant. “We ignored them and ran into the flats next door. At that instant, two shots were fired,” he said. “Luckily, no one was hurt and the police arrived 10 minutes after the shooting. However, the gang escaped.”

Since then a spokesman from the Lisbon Polícia Judiciária (PJ) has revealed to The Resident that nine individuals have been arrested in connection with several assaults in the Greater Lisbon area. “We have arrested nine men after four separate investigations,” the spokesperson revealed. “With the help of Cascais PSP, we managed to retrieve stolen gold jewellery, as well as fire arms, masks and other materials that were used during the assaults.”