Cascais celebrates brave firefighters

Cascais held its ‘Firemen Day’ (Dia Municipal dos Bombeiros) recently, with a crowd of people gathering amidst the threat of heavy rain to give thanks and praise to their local fire brigades.

The Mayor of Cascais, António d’Orey Capucho, together with other dignitaries, officials and fire department officers, gathered to convey their gratitude to the area’s fire departments. Then the Mayor took the salute from the gathered Brigades and inspected the parade.

Capucho praised the bombeiros’ work and acknowledged the fact that there had been fewer forest fires within the municipality this year, commenting that the link with the Sintra Civil Protection force had obviously been worthwhile. As a finale to the event, the bombeiros’ band and drums led a march, which was followed by a convoy of firefighting vehicles and ambulances.