Casavostra – your home

The very best of the Italian cuisine in the Algarve

If you’re entering Almancil coming from Portimão, you’ll notice that, just before Apolónia Supermarket, the number of cars parked on that street increases drastically, especially around lunch or dinner time, and you might wonder why. The reason is simple and has actually got a name – Casavostra.

This busy Italian restaurant, set up in a large open-space warehouse with a cosmopolitan-chic design, combined to perfection with a charming and beautifully recovered traditional Algarve villa, is well-renowned for its amazing Italian cuisine.

Serving not only pastas and pizzas but also beautiful salads and traditional Italian dishes, they welcome families, couples and groups, and delight them all with the food they serve and the ambiance of the restaurant.

At Casavostra the ingredients used are carefully selected and most of them are imported directly from Italy, whereas others, like some fresh herbs and vegetables, come straight from their own vegetable garden, next to the restaurant’s terrace which is, undoubtedly, the perfect spot for an alfresco meal, any day of the week!

Keeping up with modern times and demands, the restaurant offers several vegetarian and vegan alternatives and even those who are gluten intolerant can enjoy their tasty pastas, as they’ll find gluten-free spaghetti as an option here – something you wouldn’t think possible in your ordinary pizzeria. But there’s nothing ordinary about Casavostra and despite the buzzing and vibrant atmosphere, this is still a family-run business where attention to detail is of the utmost importance, in everything.

So what’s the secret ingredient in this restaurant’s ‘recipe’? Well, it’s actually a perfect combination of delicious Italian food; architecture & interior design, in a contemporary and relaxed environment; and a high-quality service, that makes us feel right at home. After all, that’s exactly what Casavostra means – your home!

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