CASA to the rescue

A recent change to the official food regulations meant that children in the Pirilampos under-12 orphanage section of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Albufeira were left without a place to store chilled goods. The result was that 56 children and babies could not have their favourite yoghurts and eggs as the orphanage did not have the correct storage facilities. When the CASA social club heard of the problem, members were pleased to donate a large chilled cabinet for storage of these foods. CASA also included a much-needed microwave oven to heat baby bottles at night. Dra Isabel, the director of Pirilampos, thanked CASA for their assistance, pointing out that the orphanage’s own funds can now be re-allocated to pay for other desperately needed items. Chairman of CASA, Norman Thompson, replied that his members were pleased to help such a worthy cause and revealed that the committee were considering similar assistance in other areas of the Algarve.