The CASA chairperson (right) presents the driver of the losing team with the coveted Wooden Spoon
The CASA chairperson (right) presents the driver of the losing team with the coveted Wooden Spoon

CASA Social Club holds Car Treasure Hunt

The club’s events are also open to non-members

Getting the CASA Social Club autumn programme under way, eager members (and a few guests) met on Wednesday, October 19 to hold the ever-popular annual Car Treasure Hunt.

Initially meeting up at Bar Bacchus at the Porches Pottery for a welcome pre-event coffee (or in some cases a hot chocolate) and half-hour of socialising, the 19 competitors set off in seven cars at intervals, each armed with a list of 27 clues to solve along the route.

The 35km route took CASA members over many small roads that even those who had lived here for 20+ years did not know existed! Only one team got significantly off track and was a little late arriving at our lunch venue – but still, somehow, managed to come joint fourth.

The slight delay to lunch at Flor do Campo, near Alcantarilha, allowed plenty of time for lots of animated discussion about the route and the questions, while the papers were being marked by the judges.

The afternoon’s rain started just as members moved inside for lunch, which was very well received and much enjoyed. Between courses, the results were announced and prizes distributed.

A spokesperson for CASA said: “We had to use a tiebreaker as two teams (The Bryanks and The Lost Tribe) each managed to score 26 points out of the possible 27. The silver cups will be held (after engraving) by the top three teams until the next Treasure Hunt when we do expect them back! However, the Wooden Spoon for the poorest score may be retained as a permanent treasured keepsake! Overall, it was a very pleasant day out, many agreeing this was our most challenging Treasure Hunt for some years.”

Thanks went to the staff of both Bar Bacchus and Flor do Campo for the excellent service provided at both locations. Also, “grateful thanks” to members Daphne and Paul who spent many hours planning “the very enjoyable and challenging Treasure Hunt”.

The scores of all the teams in place order are:

  1. The Lost Tribe        26 points and tiebreaker
  1.    The Bryanks          26 points
  2.    Terrible Trio           24 points
  3.    Clueless                23 points joint with
  4.    SuperSeekers        23 points
  5.    Newbies                14 points
  6.    Intrepid Explorers  5 points – Wooden Spoon winners

The remaining club events for 2022 are a dinner at Cantinho do Almareado in Guia on November 10 and Christmas Lunch at Thyme by Ruccula in Alvor on December 2.

Full details of planned events, all of which are open to non-members, can be obtained from the club website, by email or from  Cecilia on 282 332 251.