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Casa Decor Portugal event now on

EAGERLY AWAITED interior design and home decoration event, Casa Decor, is now on at Fábrica da Cerveja in Faro, promising a wealth of ideas to help inspire you create that dream home.

From luxurious lofts to dreamy bedrooms, funky bathrooms and laidback lounges, not to mention some very novel nurseries, this glamorous exhibition features a selection of especially created interiors from gifted designers based in the Algarve. The event is open seven days a week from 5pm until midnight and continues until August 20. Turn to page 2 for full report and photos.

Casa Decor Portugal is being staged in the Algarve for the first time ever this summer, following successful exhibitions in Porto, Cascais and Estoril. The internationally renowned Casa Decor events are also due to be staged in Miami, Rome and Milan in 2006. The shows take the form of a giant house, with each design team being given a space to decorate, fit and furnish in their own particular style. The Resident’s Caroline Cunha attended the event’s recent inauguration, in Faro.

Fabrica da Cerveja in Faro’s historic centre has been

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transformed to host, arguably, the most stylish home event the Algarve has ever seen. There is a surprise waiting in every room in the building, down every corridor and up every staircase.  And, just when you think you have seen everything and come to the end, you find another hidden room boasting yet more cutting edge designs.

If you are looking for the traditional and the ordinairy, this exhibition is not for you. From the colours and textures, to the furniture, fittings and accessories, inspirational and original are the key words here. Even the courtyard, as you enter, has been given a funky makeover, with a ‘chill-out zone’ boasting lots of sexy white sofas and brightly coloured cushions for lounging, along with ambient lighting, courtesy of a company known as Space Invaders in Faro. One of those spotted taking advantage of the area was none other than the ex-mayor of Faro, José Vitorino

As well as the beautiful interior designs, some rooms also feature the latest in audio-visual technology. In the ‘Chill-Out Loft’, (Propaint, Quinta Style and Stephen Hall) there is a sound and vision system that is disguised as a painting. With a touch of your remote control, your work of art disappears and is replaced by a high quality projection screen!

There is also a room (Cinematec) with swings secured from the ceiling and a row of plasma TV screens set in the wall!

Faro’s current council chief, José Apolinário, was also at the inauguration, and was given a guided tour by the director of Casa Decor Portugal, José Pedro Saporiti and Algarve director, Manuel Saporiti.  Speaking to The Resident afterwards, he said: “I am very satisfied and I am very impressed with the originality and the transformation of this building. This is an ex libris for the capital of the Algarve: I will be coming back several times for sure.” When asked what room in the house he liked most, he became rather coy. He nearly revealed his favourite, but then changed his mind, saying, “All the rooms have been decorated with good taste and originality”.