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CASA announces new club chairperson

CASA members met up at the A Tasquinha restaurant in Monte Carvoeiro on March19 for the club’s AGM.

A brief summary of the previous year was given by the Chairman Norman Thompson and a review of the end-of-year financial situation by the Treasurer.

The Chairman had given advance notice that after 20 years at the helm he would be retiring. The club had never had to vote for a chairperson but this time two candidates had put themselves forward: Margaret Brito and Roy Carpenter.

Margaret Brito was announced as the new club chairperson and so took over the remainder of the evenings proceedings.

The club then “got down to the truly important business of the evening”: eating, drinking and socialising.

The next event will be a dinner on Saturday, April 16 at Brasserie Rosal, just outside Lagoa.

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