Carvoeiro waves: community and authorities pull together

Dear Editor,
I was in Carvoeiro on Monday afternoon and stayed into the early evening watching the scene unfold as the waves crashed on to the town square.
Even up by the church it was an awe-inspiring and even frightening experience to see the huge waves breaking far out at sea and then smashing into the cliffs before washing on to the town square.
But what impressed me most of all was the speed with which the authorities, namely the bombeiros and the GNR, acted to get things under control.
In no time at all the wooden fishing boats were all lined up outside the hotel, a thick layer of sand on the ground creating quite an unusual site.
Then in the morning, when I drove through the town centre at around 8.30am, most of the mess was already cleared up.
Clearly the Bombeiros had been working through the night. It’s reassuring, as a local resident, to witness how, in the face of such a powerful natural phenomena, the community and the authorities pulled together.
P. Edwards