Carvoeiro tops list of “places so cheap you might not need to work”

Lagoa’s popular beachside village Carvoeiro is number one on Forbes magazine’s new list of “places so cheap you might not need to work”.

Unless you “hate Europe and hate the beach”, writer Kathleen Peddicord thinks “Carvoeiro is the best place to live abroad”.

Creator of Forbes’ list and founder of Live and Invest Overseas – which advises “global nomads on where to move in order to live on the cheap” – she says the little town’s “take-your-breath-away views … the constant sunshine, the near-perfect weather year-round, the food, the wine, the history” all add up to “top-shelf living for a very bargain price”.

Also describing Portugal as “the best-kept secret of old-world Europe”, Peddicord reckons Carvoeiro is a “great place for single women to start a business and start a life” and that “the current down value of the euro helps contribute to the budget factor”.

In total, she suggests the average monthly budget needed to live in Carvoeiro is €1,069.

The travel expert stresses, however, that the “budget referenced is a base amount that gives a snapshot of monthly living costs for a single person and includes the cost of renting a two-bedroom apartment in a neighbourhood where an American would be comfortable living. You could reduce your total budget by renting a smaller place”.

Other recommendations for “places where expats can get by on next to nothing” are El Poblado (Medellin, Colombia), Las Terrenas (Dominican Republic), Santa Familia (Cayo, Belize), Chiang Mai (Thailand), Barcelona (Spain), Granada (Nicaragua) and Kota Kinabalu (Malaysian Borneo).

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