Carvoeiro residents to form legal association

Around 50 residents and business owners gathered in Carvoeiro’s village hall on Tuesday evening to discuss the formation of a legal association to defend their rights to the local Câmara and other authorities.

During the meeting, members agreed to form a legal association which will be officially registered in the coming weeks.

As well as complaining about the recent Câmara works, which have affected residents and businesses in the village, the association will also be responsible for organising fundraising events to bring more visitors and improvements to Carvoeiro in the future.

A monthly member’s fee of 2.50 euros was established during the meeting to cover the cost of the association’s expenses, however donations are also welcome.

Association member and business woman Cláudia Boto told the Algarve Resident: “We sent two letters to Lagoa Câmara President in March to outline our complaints about the work that was done in the village, especially the removal of much needed parking spaces as well as our suggestions to remedy the situation but have as yet received no reply.”

She added: “Many of us are worried about the coming high season as visitors who find no parking will simply drive through the village and leave, while those of us who live or come to work in Carvoeiro also have nowhere to park.”

A date and time for the next meeting is yet to be announced, however anyone who would like to join the association may contact the president of the association, Graça Novo, on 919 469 285 or visit her at Loja Cantinho da Graça, Rua dos Pescadores n84, Carvoeiro. Alternatively, contact Catarina Nunes at