Carvoeiro mast

Dear Editor,

The most astonishing thing about this story (edition April 3), and which so far is not apparent, is why, with all the land available in the vicinity, has this particular plot in the middle of an established urbanisation been chosen?

Also, why, as in most planning applications, were the residents/owners not notified? What do the electronics involve and are these a potential health hazard?

Why, when Portugal and the Algarve in particular is so heavily reliant on tourism, holiday home ownership and local employment, and in these days of financial problems, are the authorities hell bent on creating such a negative aspect to Carvoeiro, one the region’s greatest assets?

If this country is to be respected as a democracy then answers are needed.

Portugal should be encouraging investment and not seen to be a place where that investment is put at risk because of the whim of an authority that can apparently ignore (or hide) planning procedures.