Carvoeiro in “shock” over surprise tree pruning

Carvoeiro in “shock” over surprise tree pruning

UPDATE: Lagoa council has pleaded ignorance over the pruning of the trees, denying that the initiative was requested by the council. See our updated report.

Trees at taxi rank ‘decapitated’; residents and tourists describe “environmental crime”

Residents and tourists have expressed their “shock” over the unexpected pruning of three decades-old trees at Carvoeiro’s taxi rank.

They have called the council-led initiative an “environmental crime” not only because the trees appeared “healthy” and provided “great shading in the summer”, but because dozens of birds would roost there.

The pruning started at 8am this Friday morning (March 17) and was so loud that it woke several tourists staying at Hotel Carvoeiro Plaza.

What is shocking people is the “drastic” extent of the pruning: the trees, which boasted impressive crowns, have been left without their crowns as most of their branches have been cut off.

They have ruined the ambiance. Looks terrible and bare now,” said a member of the Real Carvoeiro Forum group on Facebook.

Others have expressed their concern over the birds that usually sang from the trees during the day, stopping tourists along their way who would take pictures and record videos of the loud singing.

“The sound of birds singing from the trees was really lovely, they looked beautiful,” another member wrote.

Another added: “That’s so sad. Those poor birds. We loved the sound of them at dusk. What is wrong with people?”

Several people have also lamented the loss of much-needed shade that the trees provided during the summer, especially to those waiting for a taxi in the sun, as well as the refuge they provided from the rain.

Another member of the Facebook group said: “What a tragedy … (was) there the other day, a wonderful sight and so many people stopping to have a look at all the wee birds roosting, a beautiful bird of prey in the midst and a vast vocal noise – ecological vandalism. So sad.”

The Resident has contacted Lagoa Council to learn the motives behind the pruning and will update when we receive a response.