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Carvoeiro facelift to be pedestrian-friendly


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PEDESTRIANS WILL be given priority over parking spaces as part of a facelift for Praia do Carvoeiro.

A spokesman from Lagoa Câmara told The Resident: “We want to make this an area of beauty for people and not cars.”

The planned redevelopment of the lower part of Carvoeiro is set to cost approximately 686,000 euros and will take six months to complete.

The work has been muted in the town for some time but Lagoa Câmara assured The Resident that “this project is very real and will go ahead to be finished by summer 2009”.

Parking spaces next to the square and beach are to be removed to make the entire area more pleasant for residents and visitors to walk about. New parking will be provided at the top end of the village at Algar Seco, with solar lighting being installed to improve security and access.

The current area dedicated to parking in the village, the municipal market on Rua do Cerro, has not stopped the parking chaos experienced in the summer months. It is hoped that the new project will relieve the stress of

The plans to revamp Praia do Carvoeiro include wider pavements and narrower roads. Photo: CÂMARA MUNICIPAL DE LAGOA
The plans to revamp Praia do Carvoeiro include wider pavements and narrower roads. Photo: CÂMARA MUNICIPAL DE LAGOA

parking at the popular tourist destination.

Wider pavements

Rua dos Pescadores and Rua do Barranco are to be part of the development of the lower part of Carvoeiro.  The pavements will be widened and the road narrowed to prevent any roadside parking.  This will improve the pedestrian access in and out of the village which at present is unsuitable in places for disabled access or those with pushchairs.

The drainage problem experienced in Carvoeiro when it rains will also be addressed. It is hoped that the paving of the roads will also lead to a reduction in car speeds in the small town, thus increasing the quality of life for residents and visitors.

The developments have been met with a mixed reception from local residents and business people.  Geraldine Wilkinson, owner of Smilers Bar, is sceptical that the work will be finished in time and told The Resident: “Tourism is down and we need all the help we can get in Carvoeiro.”

She added: “I am worried we will lose customers because they won’t have easy access to the bar by car.”

Pedro Ferreira, co-owner of Innside Caffee, said: “It sounds great, more people will be able to see our bar.” He and his partner Sérgio Vicente believe the redevelopment to be ultimately beneficial to themselves and the town as a whole.

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