Artist's image showing how the new Palm Properties Portugal office will look like
Artist's image showing how the new Palm Properties Portugal office will look like

Carvoeiro Clube Real Estate becomes Palm Properties Portugal

The company aims to make the entire process for customers more straightforward

Carvoeiro Clube Real Estate is set to rebrand as Palm Properties Portugal, a move the company describes as “a bold transition that signifies a new chapter in real estate”.

“The retirement of the former name represents a great move into the future, while all existing activities and associations will remain unchanged,” reveals the company.

“The decision to change the name represents a strategic move to strengthen Palm Properties Portugal’s position in the market. We’re aligning with values like outstanding customer service and high professionalism standards.

“This rebranding shows our firm commitment to staying modern and innovative, reflecting the dynamic nature of the real estate industry.

“Additionally, the old company Palm Properties Imobiliária will also be integrated into the new entity, Palm Properties Portugal, further solidifying our commitment to a unified and enhanced real estate experience.”

By consolidating into a single company, Palm Properties Portugal says it is streamlining its structure for customers, “making the entire process more straightforward and clear”.

Jeroen Haen, Managing Partner of Palm Properties Portugal, said: “This strategic union positions us as a dominant player in the Algarve real estate market, and we are excited about the opportunities it brings to both our clients and our team.

“Our focus remains on delivering unparalleled services, and the integration of additional real estate advisors and a dedicated marketing department will further elevate our capabilities.”

The Palm Properties Portugal office is located at the Lagoa Apolónia Supermarket.