Virginia Guest House in Lagoa

Carvoeiro Clube opens Virginia Guest House in Lagoa

Traditional townhouse offers high quality at a low price

Carvoeiro Clube Group, one of the Algarve’s largest property management companies, is expanding its offer for holidaymakers “preferring exploration over relaxation”.

In the heart of Lagoa, the newly renovated Virginia Guest House opened its doors in the first week of May. With 10 rooms, a small kitchen and a cosy patio, the traditional two-storey townhouse offers affordable accommodation in a quiet urban setting, especially for city travellers, but also for hikers, cycling enthusiasts or digital nomads.

Virginia Guest House in Lagoa

The regional tourism association has been registering a steady increase in sustainable travelling, with holidaymakers seeking authentic and individual experiences beyond mainstream tourism.

Patricia Buerer, CEO of the Carvoeiro Clube Group, confirms this trend: “More and more guests are heading out to discover the scenic and cultural attractions of the Algarve, to explore the countryside and interact with local people. Our new guesthouse in the heart of Lagoa seeks to support this trend.”

Says the company in a press statement: “Situated in a quiet side street, urban life is just around the corner where cafés, restaurants and small shops characterise Lagoa street life today as they did in the past. At the same time, the coastline with its cliffs and beautiful beaches is less than five kilometres away. The ‘Virginia’ is thus an ideal base for active vacationers looking for a comfortable and affordable starting point for their discoveries and excursions.”

Virginia Guest House in Lagoa

Andreas Stocker, owner of the Carvoeiro Clube Group, explains: “We deliberately decided against a new building, opting instead for the renovation of a traditional Portuguese townhouse.”

Since its foundation 40 years ago, “respect for this region, its nature, culture and people has guided the development of the Carvoeiro Clube Group”.

“We are fortunate to play an active role in the development of this attractive holiday region,” he emphasises.

Virginia Guest House in Lagoa

Thus, the renovation of the Virginia Guest House was guided and supervised by Carvoeiro Clube Group’s operational manager, Paulo de Carvalho. “With our investment in a traditional building and a conscious support of individual tourism, we aim to preserve the beauty of this region and show that tourism and sustainability go together well.” |