Carvoeiro Clube Group celebrates 40th anniversary
Every reason to celebrate: Carvoeiro Clube Group owner Andreas Stocker (left) with top team CEO Patricia Buerer and COO Paulo Carvalho

Carvoeiro Clube Group celebrates 40th anniversary

“Company is driven by a love for the Algarve,” says owner Andreas Stocker

The Carvoeiro Clube Group, one of the Algarve’s pioneering property management and rental firms, hosted some 200 clients, partners and friends in a celebration of the company’s 40th anniversary recently.

“From day one, a love for the Algarve has been the driving force of our company,” said owner Andreas Stocker at the company’s event location, Rabelo restaurant in the heart of Quinta do Paraíso in Carvoeiro.

Andreas Stocker addressing guests at the anniversary celebration

“Respect for this region’s people, culture and natural environment serves as our guiding principle as we continue on our journey,” said Stocker, thanking guests for their long-standing patronage and employees for their dedication.

Carvoeiro Clube, as it is commonly called, manages more than 500 properties – villas, townhouses and apartments – in such well-known resorts as the Algarve Clube Atlântico, Quinta do Paraíso, Presa de Moura, Vale de Milho Village, Monte Dourado and Monte Carvoeiro as well as Quinta do Algarvio Village.

More recently, the group added the iconic Vivenda Miranda Boutique Hotel to its portfolio. Perched on the cliffs near the Ponta da Piedade landmark outside Lagos, the 18th century residence is expected to carry on “a proud tradition of refined hospitality at an exceptional location”, said the group.

Around 200 people celebrated the milestone

Managing, renting and selling properties in the Algarve is the core business of the group, however, says CEO Patricia Buerer, “ultimately, our company is not about buildings but about people”. She was referring to the residents and guests as well as the “close to 200 employees plus more than 100 associated partners making things happen”.

“We have all seen many changes over the last 40 years,” she adds. “To have been a part of this change, to have been able to contribute, is most rewarding to us all at Carvoeiro Clube – and a strong incentive to push ahead.”