Carvoeiro beach loses blue flag

Carvoeiro beach in Lagoa council has lost its blue flag status after two consecutive water tests showed the quality to be only acceptable.

João Prudêncio from the regional water authority (ARH) told the Algarve Resident: “The criteria for having a blue flag is very strict and depends on many things.

“As water tests are ongoing, two consecutive tests with water quality that is only acceptable instead of good will lead to a flag being removed.”

Water quality at Carvoeiro beach was monitored on May 19 and July 20, with the results proving to be acceptable for both tests.

“This does not mean the water is a risk to public health, it just hasn’t maintained the criteria needed for the blue flag status,” said João Prudêncio.

After having regained its blue flag this year, Carvoeiro beach will not be able to have it again until 2011 at the earliest. “Beaches that lose a blue flag must then wait a full year until being able to re-apply for it,”said João Prudêncio.

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