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Cartridge World and the school programme

We have been running the School Programme now for three years.

The idea behind the programme is to help our environment and the school.

The student, the teacher, the concerned person, actually any person who visits the school can be a participant.

If they use or know where ink cartridges are used and know that the cartridges normally end up in the rubbish bin, they can play a part in the programme.

How it works: for every empty ink cartridge that is in a suitable condition to be refilled and collected by the school for us to collect and refill, we will pay the school the value of €1.

The school can then use the money they have in credit to buy whatever they need most.

The programme gave Cartridge World Portugal the first prize in the Social Responsibility competition for 2010 at the Portuguese Franchising awards for that year.

If your school is not already part of the Escolhambiente programme, please contact our head office at 289 828 813 and we will call to see you.

Thousands of tons of reusable products that do not find their way into the land fill each year start with just one person recycling just one item.

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