Carry on criminals back behind bars

Two villains convicted and sentenced to long terms of imprisonment for violent robberies were freed conditionally pending an appeal hearing – and went straight back to their criminal activities.

While the two men were waiting for a judicial decision, they continued to mug elderly people in the streets and rob houses and other establishments especially in the Almancil and Loulé areas.

But they are now back behind bars after police searched the two men’s houses, where they found cameras, mobile phones, 85 doses of hashish and 38 doses of cocaine, the discovery of which led to the arrest of a third man suspected of drug trafficking.

The detained men, aged 20 and 27, were part of a group dedicated to violent crimes. After their release they carried out a robbery in Almancil on January 23 and had also threatened a café owner in Almancil with a knife and robbed him of €700.

They now face more than 10 charges when they come again before the court. Initially, they had been given sentences of 10 and 15 years which they had appealed against.