Carris Metropolitana fiasco

Dear Editor,

I live in Brejos de Azeitão, on the bus route from Setúbal to Lisbon. Having spent a month away in Ireland and the UK, I have returned to find very little up-to-date information online or in the British newspapers in Portugal on the mess that seems to be the taking over bus routes south of the Tejo from TST by Carris Metropolitano. There is no clear information of when or if new routes/timetables will be imposed upon us in the Setúbal Municipality. Is it July? Is it 2023?

Also, it seems that there will no longer be a bus service linking Setúbal with Lisboa Sete Rios running through Azeitão. The former buses 754 and 755 now appear to go to railway stations south of the Tejo and no longer can I find any bus running through Azeitão to Lisbon!

This is obviously a great blow for anyone on the old routes dependent on getting to Lisbon by bus. The alternative by bus and train is not only longer but, with the demise of the former services, trains will be even more crowded than before, so creating more health risks, as Covid has, by no means, gone away. Will the bus authorities restore the Setúbal to Lisbon buses through Azeitão?

John Pead