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Carris clamps down on fare dodgers

PASSENGERS CAUGHT trying to take Lisbon bus company Carris for a ride by not paying will get a 120 euros on-the-spot fine.

The new get-tough policy has been introduced to stop passengers boarding at peak times with invalid or out-of-date bus passes.

Carris has increased its spot check inspections since the beginning of November, when a new regulation entered into force over infractions on public transport.

As a consequence of the change in legislation, Carris, whose bright yellow buses and trams can be seen all over Lisbon, has increased the number of inspections by 40 per cent, employing 13 new inspectors.

Under the new rules, not having a valid bus ticket or pass means that the passenger will be obliged to pay a fine representing 100 times the journey’s value.

In the case of Carris, the cheapest fare currently costs 1.20 euros, meaning the actual fine would work out at 120 euros.

However, fare dodgers, who pay up within five working days, will be entitled to a 20 per cent discount on their fine.