Carol Service in Ayamonte

Dear Editor, 

Regarding a Carol Service organised by All Saints/Rev. J. Neville at Ayamonte December 21 2011. 

Having seen the advert and knowing that Ayamonte is a beautiful town, the Carol service was to be held in one of Ayamonte’s iconic buildings, La Casa Grande.

We persuaded some friends and drove all the way from Loulé in convoy in anticipation of a Christian celebration. 

We walked into the auditorium, expecting to see, at least, the Nativity scene or some portrayal of the birth of Christ. There was nothing, a bare stage.

No choir on stage, only a keyboard player and a lectern in the middle of the stage and this was used by the readers, who constantly clumped backwards and forwards.

Eventually the Director of the choir arrived. She had been running on Portuguese time (one hour behind the Spanish). She ordered the Choir onto the stage and from then on, the poor acoustics put paid to any enjoyment of the music as they were standing too close to the microphones. 

I suggest before they attempt to do this again, they go along to any school in Spain, Portugal or when they are at home in the UK and learn a lesson or two on how to produce a Christian Carol service.

Name and Address withheld