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Carob collection service

Property owners looking to have the carobs cleared from trees in their gardens can now take advantage of a new service being offered by Vince Clarke Home Solutions.

Ken Nel, with Vince Clarke and his team, will visit any property in the Loulé, Boliqueime and Almancil areas and clear unwanted carobs for free as part of a new initiative by the company.

Usually Ken specialises in painting works and general property maintenance in the area but has diversified to combat the economic crisis.  

Ken Nel said: “Many people now are either doing painting and decorating themselves, or they are waiting a lot longer to have these things done. During the summer months not many houses can be painted anyway, either due to rentals or the owners being there so our services are often not needed.”

He added: “This led me to thinking of an alternative way to earn some income, offering a service to harvest carob trees on properties and to clean up around these trees, which are often messy and untidy due to falling carobs.”

The team would provide this service for free, with their payment effectively being made in carobs.

“If owners have a few trees on the property then we could come to an agreement by which a percentage of the carobs go to them but this would only be viable if there were more than one or two trees,” said Ken.

“I am hoping that residents will see this as a mutually beneficial service and will take it up as an opportunity to have carobs removed for free.”

For further information about the carob removal service, please call 917 911 440 or 282 432 542 or email [email protected].