Carnival weekend: Sunny, warm and windless

Carnival weekend: Sunny, warm and windless

Portugal is expecting sunny and warm weather for this weekend which will mark the start of the country’s Carnival festivities.

According to the national sea and atmosphere institute (IPMA), maximum temperatures could climb to as high as 26ºC while there will hardly be any wind blowing and skies will be mostly clear.

This is the perfect forecast for the organisers of the many parties and street parades that will be held all over the country in celebration of Carnaval.

However, it will still be quite chilly at night, so do not put away your winter coats just yet.

But it’s not all good news, as the Azores anticyclone which will be responsible for this pleasant weather will start to ‘weaken’ on Monday, meaning that Tuesday’s Carnival celebrations could be dampened by cooler temperatures and even a “10% to 35%” possibility of rain, says IPMA.

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