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Carnage at the bins – warning to pet owners

Dear Editor,

Until recently, a group of ladies, Portuguese and expats, has been feeding a few strays at the waste bins near the A22 Junction 15 roundabout outside Moncarapacho.

One of these dogs was a Portuguese Podengo that they had named “Alfarroba” and she had recently given birth. On a regular visit to check on the dogs, one of these ladies then found Alfarroba’s dead body, surrounded by six of her healthy pups, still alive. It seems that Alfarroba had been poisoned. The pups were rescued and taken into care by this lady.

Some six dead dogs have subsequently been found in the same area, and they all appear to have been poisoned.

Pet owners are warned to keep a strict eye on their pets when walking in the area as the source of the poison has not been identified. One can only guess at its origin and reason for being there.

One of the puppies has now been adopted, leaving another five of these delightful little dogs looking for new owners.

The Portuguese Podengo is a traditional hunting dog; the smaller variety is used to flush out rabbits and other small game and is quick enough to catch mice!

Anyone interested in giving a home to one of the other orphans should ring Susanna Schade on 968 771 244 or Graeme Cree from the APAR animal rescue centre near Moncarapacho on 912 071 055.

APAR always has puppies and adult dogs looking to be adopted by responsible individuals and families. The dogs are vaccinated, sterilised and microchipped before adoption.

Anyone wishing to help but who cannot adopt a dog should call Graeme with any offers of donations, dog food or other help as the APAR shelter is run by volunteers on a minimal budget.

Love at first sight!

APAR (Associação para Protecção dos Animais de Rua) can also be found online. Search for “APAR Moncarapacho”, visit them at www.facebook.com/aparmoncarapachofuseta or email [email protected]

Mitch and Jan Brokers
By email