Carmona and Ellen sail around Tejo

news: Carmona and Ellen sail around Tejo

LISBON CÂMARA vice president, Carmona Rodrigues, joined the Lisbon Naval Association and record breaking yacht soloist, Ellen MacArthur, for a spin round the Tejo estuary.

The former Lisbon Câmara President decided to take up the chance of a sailing lesson with British round-the-world soloist, in an initiative that was also aimed at attracting ‘Lisboetas’ to take advantage of the water sports potential offered by the estuary. Carmona Rodrigues embarked on the 35ft Benetton first yacht, Hardomar, and sailed from the Lisbon Naval Association quayside to Búgio and back in a 40-minute round trip. But it was just about enough time for the vice president to get the feel of the helm and man the sails.

Ellen MacArthur was in Portugal as honorary guest to host the 5th Lisbon Omega Regatta, organised by the Lisbon Naval Association, which took place on May 14 and 15. C.G.