CARM Rabigato Wine

The Rabigato is the backbone of most Douro whites and also makes excellent varietals, as is the case here with this one from CARM. 

Casa Agrícola Roboredo Madeira (CARM) is located in the upper reaches of the Douro, and I have long considered this winery as a reliable producer of sensibly priced, high-quality wines. They also make outstanding olive oil on the same estate.

CARM Rabigato, €13.95 at Apolónia, is a wine to be enjoyed with food. Although not oaked, it is a wine with structure and some body, having been aged on the lees in stainless steel until bottling.

Pale yellow in colour, it has mostly citric notes on the nose and is well-rounded in the mouth with great acidy and a dry, lingering finish. An excellent wine to pair with grilled fish and seafood.

By Patrick Stuart