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Since its humble beginnings in 1981, as a basic doctor’s surgery, Luzdoc has evolved into a multifaceted healthcare provider to both the expat and local communities, as well as to the tourist population in western Algarve.

Dr Maria Alice Serrano e Silva has been at the helm of Luzdoc since 1983 and, through her ideas and vision, it has become a bespoke medical centre, where patients are actually partners in a continued healthcare, wellbeing and health promotion process.

Luzdoc has a wide range of 24/7 on-site clinical services available, that includes not only the emergency and routine GP consultations, but also a 24-hour doctor and nurse emergency service (including home visits); Sports Medicine, Travel Medicine and other medical specialties consultations; Psychology, Nutrition and Physiotherapy; health related services such as Chiropody, Counselling, Acupuncture and Chiropractic; Occupation Health; Laboratory Services; Day Care Treatment and Aesthetic Medicine.

As medical knowledge improves, Luzdoc maintains a fine balance between remaining a truly dedicated Family Practice, whilst offering its clients the best in up-to-date, tailor-made health services and technologies.

To always keep up with the ongoing advances in medicine they opened, five years ago, the Medilagos clinic in Lagos, offering their clients all the medical services and facilities they have at Praia da Luz, as well as a dedicated Aesthetic Medicine department.

To further complement these services Luzdoc has direct access to inpatient facilities through the Hospital Particular Group, as Dr Maria Alice is also a member of the Group’s Clinical Direction.

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