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Caring for your dogs while you’re away

The Boliqueime Boarding Kennels provide your dog with a happy and secure environment, ensuring that they have an enjoyable stay while you have worry free holiday.

With purpose-built and fully-licensed facilities, the kennels are fully equipped to care for more than 20 dogs of varying sizes and breeds at any one time.

Each kennel has only one canine guest, or more if they are from the same family.

These have a darkened sleeping area and an area for dogs to sit in the sun and fresh bedding is provided, although owners are free to bring their own if they wish.

For extra comfort during the winter months, some of the kennels have infra red lamps to provide more heat.

Canine guests are walked individually and also play in large out-door enclosed exercise areas a minimum of three times per day. Good quality food is provided according to clients’ feeding instructions and fresh water is available at all times from automatic water feeders.

Owners can rest assured that the staff at the Boliqueime Boarding Kennels will follow any special diet that a pet requires including careful and sympathetic administration of medication.

Boliqueime Boarding Kennels can also collect and return your dog as well as providing extra services including bathing and grooming.

For more information about the Boliqueime Boarding Kennels, please telephone 289 360 428/ 919 380 610 or email [email protected]. Alternatively, please visit the website, available in English, at