Woman holding older man and a family of 4, representing some of Homecare clients

Caring for the Algarve

Be it in a specific situation (health recovery, nights, weekends, holidays, etc) or for a longer period, Homecare.com is determined to allow its clients to live as independently as possible. They provide assistance to people who, temporarily or permanently, have some degree or a total incapacity of carrying out their daily activities on their own.

Their carers are qualified professionals who have proven their personal and professional excellence, and that have many years of experience in this sector. They offer clients high-quality services, tailored to their needs, and at competitive prices, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As age advances, some health problems can impair the autonomy and self-esteem of the more mature. This is thus the time many people seek help for their loved ones. And from the moment they enter into someone’s life, ensuring their well-being is all that matters to Homecare.com, as they know the role of the carer becomes an essential one at this stage of life.

But Homecare.com is also at your disposal to face these pandemic times, providing all the care your family and its members might need, at your home, in all safety. To complement their main service, they also offer others that will bring you more comfort and a worry-free live, such as:
– Pet sitting;
– Personal Trainer;
– Home staging;
– Delivery parties;
– Domestic services;
– Holistic therapies.

Homecare.com was born as a pioneering project in the Algarve, adapting the ‘regular’ home care service to other complementary ones, and aiming at creating solutions that make the daily lives of people in this region easier, in the comfort of their own homes.

They are fluent in English, French, Italian and Spanish, and are based in the Lagoa Business Shopping Centre, store number 21, so why not stop by for a visit and discover all they can do for you and your family.

(+351) 282 380 064
(+351) 963 539 747
[email protected] | homecarecom.webnode.pt

Woman kissing a dog and 2 siblings, representing some of Homecare clients

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